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Ban Bossy.

Encourage Girls to Lead

The secret of body language

The secret of body language

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are | Talk Video | TED

Long past the English class

Long past the English class of required reading, the legacy of Jane Austen continues to impact… so before you hit “post” or “send request,” ask yourself:

What Would Jane Austen Do? A Guide to Social Media Etiquette |

The combined perspective of engaged men

The combined perspective of engaged men and women in the workforce goes right to the bottom line! The Business Benefits of Gender Diversity

Advice by poetry.

Poetry Advice by Dan Gerber : American Life in Poetry

A memoir to remember.

A memoir essay about a brother, a game, and remembering — from THE BEST AMERICAN ESSAYS 2013. Eloquently done!

His Last Game // News // Notre Dame Magazine // University of Notre Dame